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Been a while

My end-year’s resolution is to post more frequently about more cooler stuff.

In the mean time some things that I have been working on lately:

  • Been loving Jenkins as a CI tool for our ASP.Net e-commerce system at Ambliqueand it’s associated  plugins
    • Haven’t really gotten to the stage of uber customisation and it’s already proved incredibly invaluable
  • Been preaching the ways of systematic, thorough, documented testing since I started at Amblique,with early results a-showing
    • Only a matter of time before we go full ball to automate our testing system, most likely using Selenium
  • On the subject of testing systems been playing with and appreciating jmeteras a performance/load testing system
    • Just don’t go tyring to run a full ball performance test using the java UI, or you will bring the testing machine to a grind and get some really dodgey numbers
      • instead use the command line version
      • make sure to only have one listener/reporter (maybe the agregate report)
      • and pass in parameters like thread count (user count) and thread loops (test iterations) using the -Jproperty_name=value arguments
    • Oh and don’t try and use it to performance test Ajax ui’s, JMeter uses an html-as-xml-dom inspection approach to extract and test for assertions, and so doesn’t actually remote a browser (i.e. no javascript ability).


Testing multiple versions of IE on one Windows 7 machine

Great informative article on testing many versions of internet explorer on one machine, courtesy of IEBlog, full of useful links too.

It takes advantage of the Win7 XP mode virtualisation to run multiple internet explorer versions in XP VM’s. Apparently in the latest version it doesn;t even need to run on a CPU that is virutalisation enabled (i.e. works in software virtualisation).