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Nokia selling QT

Fresh on the heals of deciding to use Windows Phone 7 as their mobile OS going forward, it seems Nokia has sold off QT.

Interesting days in the mobile world.

Nokia Tube: All the hardware the iPhone should have been

So the phone previously known as the Nokia Tube, the Nokia 5800 has made a public appearance and from the look of the specs is sexy as hell.

Nokia 5800

Some reports seem to indicate that the touchy-ness of the phone is not the best though, which will be a hell-of-a disappointment if that turns out to be true on release.

Having used the iPhone for over a month now I’m getting very, very fed up with the phone (lack of) functionality. Between the poor reception, the dropped calls, the inability to make calls for minutes at a time and a percurliar bug where hanging up will take over 5 minutes (unless you reboot the bastard), I’m starting to wonder if the application goodness and large touch screen is worth it.

And to have all the goodness of a reliable phone OS, including video calls and MMS in a complete package has me drooling.

/me hopes that they fix the touch issue before it launches

Nokia beta labs

First spotted on mobile crunch a few days ago, Nokia has an email client for it’s S60 OS in what they call their beta labs. Didn’t know about this before, but seems like it will be a cool place to get your S60 bleeding edge wares.

It doesn’t support corporate email systems yet, so I don’t think push calendar is available yet.