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Awesome autonomous UAV with onboard Kinect

I secretly wanted to do this myself when I had the expendable income and time to buy and assemble a quadcopter and a kinect, especially since seeing the quadruino thing the other day. But now looks like I’ve been beaten to the punch

Command line for using WinMerge as the diff tool with Ankhsvn

Following is the command line you need to use WinMerge as the diff tool of Ankhsvn an SCC provider in Visual Studio:

"$(ProgramFiles)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe" /e /u "$(Base)" "$(Mine)" /dl "$(BaseName)" /dr "$(MineName)"

Just quickly the following options do the following things:

  • /e – enables you to dismiss the diff dialogue with the escape key
  • /u – doesn’t add any of the path’s to the winmerge MRU (most recently used file list) since this is part of another workflow inside VS.
  • /dl “$(BaseName)” and /dr “(MineName)” – makes the WinMerge display nice titles in the viewer title bar (instead of the full svn file path which can sometimes be long and cryptic) like this:
    • Web.config – BASE
    • Web.config – 54839

New Windows Phone 7 Campaign

This has been doing the rounds on the inter-webs today. It’s an interesting take, and a cool campaign, but I think I agree with the guys over at mobilecrunch. While I’m guilty of having my face down far more than I should, especially around my kids, I think it’s actually because I enjoy it, not because the present phone UI metaphore is too clunky (not that it isn’t clunky though).

Many a Sci-Fi writer has a decent take on this phenomenon in the future with their stories of massively wireless interconnected minds and the way people stare off into nowhere with absent eyes when they are busy communicating.

Essence of bing in a bottled water campaign

Is it just me or is this ad on the platform at Wynyard station giving off a bing-esque vibe?

So it’s not too clear in my crappy iPhone photo, but the word above “STAY PUMPED” says, ‘search:’.

Codex Space Block – Easy access to Azure Blob Storage

So I’ve been doing a little playing around recently with Azure, looking at pushing some of the more processor intensive worker units out into the cloud.

I know there’s been a whole bunch of discussion about whether ‘your data’ belongs out in the cloud and all that, and on that front I’m still undecided, but pushing processor intensive modules that act on small transient blocks of data sounds like the perfect test case for a cloud app. More on what that app is to be later.

In the mean time I was looking to find an easy way to get my files onto my Azure connected account’s blob storage. Enter Codeplex Space Block.


This app supports a whole bunch of cloud storage systems, but added Azure support after it’s major release. This means you need to use the link I posted above to download the latest commit, not the latest stable rellease (

I brought the app down for two reasons, firstly to get my files up onto the blob quickly and secondly to see a non-trivial example of accessing blob storage from C#.

Points to note:

  • In the UI, the Account name is the azure sub-domain you used when creating the blob storage project. In the screenshot above this would have been ninepixels, taken from the URL http://ninepixels.blob.core.windows.net.
  • The UI works very much like an ftp program, so no windows shell integration for drag and drop.

Outlook add-in new explorer hook bug

Found this over on Noam Lampert’s blog, originally form monologue.

I remember running into this bug when writing a rather trivial outlook add-in that registered a toolbar on all new explorers. At the time I was so far under time pressure that I just caved and changed the toolbar installer to install it on all toolbars by default (worked around the bug). I didn’t think that it might be a garbage collection issue. Good spot by Noam and co.

Short version: Any new explorer callbacks will get garbage collected unless you actually create an explicit reference to the Application.Explorers that you manage in your add-in.

So you would replace this:

Application.Explorers.NewExplorer += new ExplorersEvents_NewExplorerEventHandler(Explorers_NewExplorer);

with this:

Explorers explorers = Application.Explorers;
explorers.NewExplorer += new ExplorersEvents_NewExplorerEventHandler(Explorers_NewExplorer);

Microsoft AJAX CDN

Over on ScottGu, this announcement about Microsoft setting up a CDN for ASP.Net Agax and jQuery.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use. A great idea for sites that heavily use jQuery or ASP.Net Ajax.

Microsoft and Yahoo! to enter rev-share deal that makes Bing default search egngine on Yahoo!

As per this article, it looks like MS and Yahoo! will enter into a rev-share deal that will set Bing as the default search engine on Yahoo!.

Apparently the formal anouncement is to be made tomorrow, so lets perhaps take this info with a grain of salt.

Link originally picked up from this slashdot article.

Remix videos up

So most of the ReMix videos are up. All the cool dev sessions seem to be up there, but at this point in time the panel we did doesn’t seem to have made it up.

Remix wrap up.

So I went to ReMix last Thursday and had a blast. DG and crew put on a great show.

Special thanks to Nick Hodge, for inviting me to talk at an incredibly interesting panel about Microsoft and Open Source. Really enjoyed the session and hoped all attendees did as well. The panel got a decent turn out too.

Thanks also to all the panellists;