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Not blocking the UI in tight JavaScript loops

Found on planet gnome. Cool code snippet for getting UI updates from a javascript loop using jquery.

jQuery shipped with ASP.Net

As read on Scott Gu’s Blog, jQuery to be shipped with ASP.Net.

Fantastic news. One of the most annoying things of working in the ASP.Net world has been the lack of ability to use and stay up-to-date with cool community driven technologies. Chosing to use jQuery instead of re-inventing the wheel is a great decision for everyone. And just to make it that little bit better, they are shipping it with intellisense for VS.

Javascript port of Processing

I ran into Processing at BarCamp earlier this year. It was quite an interesting concept. Slashdot has news of a javascript version of this system. This is mainly cool because it makes it that much easier to have a play around with Processing. Yay the good old days of demo writing.