Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Is Samsung shipping Keyloggers on their laptops?

Now I was thinking about the Samsung S9 Laptop, but if this post on network world is true (and I waited till someone reputable like boing boing reposted it), then I can easily say I will never ever be buying any electronic product from Samsung again.

Installing keyloggers on your customers machines and not telling them is just plaing wrong no matter which way you slice it.

Update:: Samsung denies it.

About me widget updated to work with WordPress 3.1

As mentioned here, the about me widget was broken in Wordpres 3.1 for a number of key reasons, which I had to fix;

  1. WordPress changed the way they bind the save event in the widgets.php form to use the jQuery().live(‘click’,…) call

    This subsequently caused my plugin to not be able to selectively unbind and rebind just the save button click event of the about me widget. Instead we had to unbind all the widget save button click events – due to a quirk in how jquery live() and die() methods work, and then bind a custom click event to all the widget save button click events, and then check the source widget that raised the event, so if it is the about me widget it then triggers an mce save and then calls the functions from the original save button click event.

  2. The version of tinyMCE shipped in WordPress 3.1 has an updated triggerSave() function that forces the form postback when called.

    This has the annoying sideaffect of breaking the ajax widget save event. So I changed the click event of the widget save button to call tinyMCE(editor).save() instead, which doesn’t force a form postback but does cause the rich text from the editor to be saved in the textarea.

So without further ado, I give you the latest version of about me widget, v2.2, compatible with WordPress 3.1.

Same disclaimer as for the last time I fixed the widget to work with WordPress v2.9.x.

Nokia selling QT

Fresh on the heals of deciding to use Windows Phone 7 as their mobile OS going forward, it seems Nokia has sold off QT.

Interesting days in the mobile world.

About me widget is broken in WordPress 3.1

So it would seem that upgrading to WordPress 3.1 has broken the about me widget I co-maintain with Sam Devol.

Since I use this plugin on my blog I will actually be taking a look at it in the coming days/weeks/months depending on how busy my regular day job keeps me. First appearance seem to indicate yet another change in the way the ajax save button works on the widgets page causing borkage in the ugliness I had to use to get the widget to save correctly last time.

We might end up being locked in this duel with the WordPress widget page author’s for eternity methinks :(

Update: I’ve identified the cause, and to fix it will require yet another save click hack that I am reluctant to apply just yet. Have posted to wp-hackers to see if there are any alternatives to geting this fixed.