Monthly Archive for February, 2011

The lost diggers – awesome discovery of cache of WWI photo’s

Disclaimer: I helped put together this facebook site of awesome WWI photo’s, The Lost Diggers.

It’s an incredible cache of some awesome photography, preserved on glass negatives in a chest in a French attic for nearly a century. A treat for historians and photography geeks alike.

Update: Facebook admins have been kind enough to finally let us use the nice human readable url:

IE9 for WP7 has hardware acceleration

Lots of mobile news over at MWC at the moment. Found this interesting video showing of Windows Phone 7′s Internet Explorer 9 Mobile with hardware acceleration. Next to a non hardware-accelerated iPhone 4 browsing experience the difference is very dramatic.

Stressful xkcd

I like this week’s xkcd, and agree completely with the text in the image.

Testing multiple versions of IE on one Windows 7 machine

Great informative article on testing many versions of internet explorer on one machine, courtesy of IEBlog, full of useful links too.

It takes advantage of the Win7 XP mode virtualisation to run multiple internet explorer versions in XP VM’s. Apparently in the latest version it doesn;t even need to run on a CPU that is virutalisation enabled (i.e. works in software virtualisation).