Monthly Archive for August, 2009

PHP Toolkit for ADO.Net Data Services

Found this interesting link on this post over on monologue.

Basically it’s a PHP toolkit to get access to the data exposed by ADO.Net Data Services, which exposes data in a RESTful manner.

ColorSuckr, for when you want to get the colours out of a picture

Found on boing boing:ColorSuckr, an awesome site that can extract the colours out of any picture you point it to online.

Managed Port of Sqlite

Over on Miggie’s blog, a post about a line-by-line port of Sqlite to C#.

It obviously takes a performance hit (something like 5 times slower) but think of all the opportunities it opens up. I’m thinking mainly about Windows Phone development using Compact Framework and no longer needing the external Sqlite dll linkage (figuring out which one to use was a nightmare).

Miggie mentions using it in Silverlight apps, which is an awesome idea, or in medium trust ASP.Net servers. The Silverlight use will have to wait till they pull all the P/Invokes out of it, which doesn’t seem to be too far off, as is the possibility for some performance improvements by capitalising on the .Net Framework features instead of being a line-by-line port from C.

IQ font designed with a car

Awesome campaign for IQ car that used the car to design a font.

Transitioning from XHTML to HTML5 the easy way

Cool, some what slow-going comic about all the different xhtml/html versions floating around and how to go from xhtml to html 5.

So long as you’re not using any of the new features of html 5 (since it’s not yet a standard) the easiest way to go from xhtml to html 5 is replacing the doctype. So you would be going from this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" >

to this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Originally found on mojoportal blog.