Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Cops vs Clowns Hospital Shootout Video

As seen on boing boing. Awesome video of a single point in time during a shootout between cops and clowns.

Oracle buys Sun, gets MySQL to boot

As posted here and here (and pretty much everywhere else on the web), Oracle has bought Sun, in the process also acquiring MySQL (which Sun bought a short while ago).

A while ago Oracle purchased InnoDB the ACID engine that MySQL had been using at the time, so I can’t say that this purchase necessarily bodes well for the MySQL dual licensing scenario. It’s not like Oracle is in a position to actually use any of the source it gets from MySQL is it?

Either way it will be interesting to see what Oracle does with Sun’s software products.

Disturbing Strokes Video

Courtesy of boing boing.

Cardboard Box that can Boil Water

Over on boing boing, this post about an awesome invention that enables you to boil water in a cardboard box.

So this invention takes a cardboard box, paints the interior black, throws in some foil and acrylic and then harnesses the sun’s energy to create a cardboard oven.

ASP.Net MVC goes MSPL and gets Mono and MonoDevelop support

Been all over the internet, this one, and I’m late to make note of it, but Miguel mentions that the ASP.Net MVC extensions have been released as MSPL and is works in mono, and in fact has MonoDevelop support.

ASP.Net MVC in MonoDevelop