Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Sleeper Cell – ARG to benefit Cancer Research

Over on boing boing, an article about a new alternate reality game that’s main aim is to benefit real life cancer research.

The game is to be played accross the tubes as well as in real life and the production of the game was an open source effort.

From what I can tell of it so far it’s free to play, but to unlock more cells you actually have to donate real money to the cause. A great way to make your donations work for you I say.

jQuery shipped with ASP.Net

As read on Scott Gu’s Blog, jQuery to be shipped with ASP.Net.

Fantastic news. One of the most annoying things of working in the ASP.Net world has been the lack of ability to use and stay up-to-date with cool community driven technologies. Chosing to use jQuery instead of re-inventing the wheel is a great decision for everyone. And just to make it that little bit better, they are shipping it with intellisense for VS.

Rockbox goes 3.0

Rockbox Screenie

Rockbox have just made a major release version 3.0. It’s over three years in the making.

I first contributed to rockbox 2 years ago when I was trying to get a decent firmware to run on my Toshiba Gigabeat X30. Needless to say, Rockbox firmware totally rocks.

Liberate your not-so-new mp3 player today!

Update: Looks like their servers are getting slammed atm, might take a while to get some firmware goodness, it’s well worth the wait.

5th Finger picks up MMA

Slightly belated, but one of the teams I head up the dev team for at work, 5th Finger, picked up an award at the MMA’s last week for the Live Earth Commitment Campaign back in 07.

Update: It’s worth noting, for accuracy’s sake that I wasn’t actually heading up the team back in 07 when we we won said award.

Goole Android 1.0 SDK Released

First spotted (for me anyhow) over on mobile crunch, Google Android 1.0 SDK has been released.

Those of you that have been following this blog (are there really any out there?) will know that I’ve not generally been happy with the experience on the iPhone. About the only saving graces of the phone are the large screen, coupled with the calendar coupled with the ocasionally useful app in the App Store. I don’t personally own a mac so can’t really roll my own apps.

I can’t wait to get a decent spec’ed large screen phone working on android as this will be a far more accessible hacking device for me than the current iPhone (it’s too hard to get the Neo phone’s in the .au at the moment). And who knows, maybe an android phone will actually be able to make and receive phone calls without locking the machine half the time.

Update: video goodness

XBMC for PC, beta release

So apparently XBMC has released a PC beta called Atlantis. Downloaded both the windows installer and the Live CD.


(Update, the image on that blog post seems to load a pop up when viewing full size, so removed the click through)

Had problems getting the Live CD working on a whole host of dell and HP laptops. Mainly due to video card detection. In the end I got the windows binary to work on my Inspiron 6400. Works pretty well, but ran into the following issue:

  • Doesn’t seem to support my LCD panel’s native res 1680×1050
  • The playback UI seems to lag at times
  • Video Calibration seems to be way off.

I know it’s been a while since I fired up my XBOX with XBMC, but this experience reminded me a lot about the time I tried Media Portal (a PC port of the old XBMC source code base). I guess it’s far easier to run a slick system on specific deidcated hardware, than generalist PC hardware.

It’s come a long way, and I’m incredibly impressed, but I don’t quite think it’s ready for the lounge room yet.

iPhone Support Service Better than Mobile Service

Title says it all.

Rocked up on Friday to the Apple store expecting an hour of arguing about why the phone was so shit as a phone. Mostly I felt like this because the guy at the Optus store said it would take 2 weeks to get fixed.

Was forced to book an appointment at the “Genius Bar”. Didn’t bode well for the support experience initially, but I made an appointment and came back then.

What I got was an absolute surprise. Went up the tech, explained the problem and he walked away and came back with a new phone, which he swapped for my phone. He then printed a service receipt and I was done and walking out the door with a hopefully better working new iPhone.

So far it seems to drop less calls, which is a good thing, but that may be because I don’t use it as much as I was last week. Also to it’s benefit the 3G internet definitely seems much better than the one I had before.

Time to send my iPhone in for a tune-up

So my iPhone’s been dropping or scrambling every 3rd or 4th call since I got it. Not a real useful trait in a full time mobile phone. That and the bit about barely getting a 12 hour day out of an all night charge and I was starting to think that maybe my phone was sick.

So today I’m browsing the interwebs and I get this optus page that tells me my prepaid wireless broadband account needs re-charging. WTF? I don’t have a prepaid account.

Anyhow, long-story-short I need to find my proof of purchase and take the phone in for a “repair” tomorrow.

Not happy Jan.